Located within the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Auckland, the Acoustics Testing Service (ATS) provides testing and acoustical engineering consultancy services to a range of clients including:

  • Providing sound level measurements (in classrooms, rest-homes, theatres etc.).
  • Providing technical support for acoustical consultants.
  • Research and development relating to acoustics and noise control.
  • Test equipment hire

Facilities and equipment

The ATS is home to three reverberation chambers, an anechoic chamber and an IEC standard listening room. These facilities are are available for hire on a per half-day basis. Individuals and consultants are encouraged to utilise the facilities for their own research and development projects.

A range of calibrated measuring equipment is also available for hire for field measurements away from the ATS laboratories. The equipment available for hire includes:

  • A range of sound levels meters, microphones and loudspeakers
  • Sound intensity measurement equipment
  • Data acquisition systems
  • Impact noise measurement equipment
  • Vibration measurement equipment (accelerometers, impulse hammers etc.)

Please contact the ATS for hire prices.


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